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We understand that there are several reasons why some motorists require refresher sessions*. Whether you've just passed your practical driving test, or are a bit more experienced but want to finely tune your driving skills Driving 2ition can help.


Like most skills, even those at work, we accept the benefit of ongoing training to avoid getting rusty.

An increasing number of drivers, who have held a licence for a number of years, are realising they too would benefit from extra tuition to further hone their driving skills and are taking a refresher course.

Fine-tune your Driving Skills

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Be the better driver!

At Driving 2itton, our refresher courses cover a wide range of driving situations. Our training is designed to provide help and support to drivers and can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Improving existing skills, or to learn new driving techniques, with a view to saving money by reducing motoring costs

  • Overcome a motoring anxiety such as motorway driving, driving at nigh or driving in poor weather conditions

  • Experienced changes to their personal circumstances, placing additional reliance on travelling by car

  • Increase their confidence following involvement in a road traffic incident

  • Gain more confidence and skills with manoeuvres which you may not have used for a while

  • Plus many more

During the first session your trainer will first take you for a driving assessment to appraise your ability and knowledge gaps, after which you can then both decide on the training plan that bests fits your requirements.

There is no set amount of hours needed for refresher sessions, it's really down to how confident you are feeling in your own ability. Your trainer will not put any pressure on you to take further sessions if you don't feel they are necessary, but the trainer will be there to give you their professional opinion on the level of your driving in a completely non-judgemental, supportive learning environment.

You can train in your own car, or if you prefer, in your trainer's vehicle.


What's next? 

It's simply a matter of giving us a Call on 0800 009 6622,

Email or filling out our contact form.

We then arrange a mutually convenient time and day for you to meet your trainer and have your first session

to start fine tuning your driving skills.


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*N.B: Refresher sessions are only available to full UK driving licence holders or the equivalent foreign licence.

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