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Learning to drive? Let us help you pass your theory

FREE access when you join us.


The FREE access to Theory Test Pro also includes one to one help and advise from your instructor on any areas of your theory you are finding a challenge. Our instructors are there to help and guide you through all of your learning progress whether that is theory or practical. 

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Theory Test Pro is a highly realistic online simulation of the UK's driving theory tests. It contains all the official revision test questions licensed from the DVSA, the people who set the tests.

We've got the Hazard Perception test too. You'll get access to the complete Hazard Perception test so you can practise and see exactly what it is you need to do to pass first time.

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No More CDs

Access everything from a desktop or mobile without having to worry about losing discs.


Over half a million users

Theory test pro have over half a million users. Join them and pass your theory test first time.

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Track your progress

We show you how well you're doing and in which topics so you know what you need to revise.

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